Spirituality through Art


I didn’t get to my spirit animal blog today. However! I did finally get around to starting some of my ceramics stuff I plan to sell on my future etsy shop. I made the start of some wands, some necklaces and that cute little guy will be a dragon incense holder.

Last semester, I joined a ceramics class and found a spiritual connection to it. The neat thing about clay is that it has crystal properties in it, such as a quartz and dolomite. It’s receptive to energy and projects energy, that is, if you are into crystals. I think of crystals kind of like a battery or an amplifier. So when I make my ceramics pieces, I feel that as I am making it, I am storing my energy into it making it imbued with power.

I like the idea that the tools that I am making for other people’s altars has those crystals in it. They can take advantage of the minerals in it and use it to project their energies through the wands, or store energies into their necklaces. I also find it special, because ceramics, is hardened dirt. It’s from the Earth. It’s not a man made material, it’s natural. I think that ceramics tools make it feel closer to the Goddess, because it is essentially dirt.



Learning Tarot



My goal for this blog is to share information to help you (and myself) learn about the art of Magic. A lot of it is going to be me journaling my experiences, but I also want to be sure to share outside sources for you all.

I am a beginner tarot reader and it’s one of the things I would like to understand more. I found a great link that teaches you the basic steps of Tarot and it’s for free! I just wanted to share it, because I know how hard it is to actually find real information on the web. It seems like everything regarding the metaphysical is all for profit, which is kind of contradictory, in my opinion, to the point of learning about these kinds of things.

Gives indepth lessons about practicing tarot: http://www.learntarot.com/

Image source link (Six of Coins by The Raven’s Prophecy Tarot. A deck I personally own.)



In my adult life, I have heard countless of times that I am selfish. I always thought it was weird that the things that made me “selfish” were bad. I’ll still never understand why it’s considered “selfish” to not want kids. Not to offend, but I always found it rather selfish to have children. However, that is a philosophical debate that’s not relevant to the topic.

I had an epiphany two years ago, it clicked that I should own my selfishness. Selfishness is not evil. It’s about becoming self aware and putting yourself first. When you put yourself first, your magic and energy becomes assertive. You gain confidence. It’s self doubt that limits our mind and abilities. I am all about sitting back and waiting for signs, but of late things have been pretty quiet for me. I realized, in regards to my communication with Hades, that it came all from his end, instead of me trying to go to him. I decided to own that I am HIS and that I am special. When I owned it, I felt Him and the Underworld again.

Magic is receptive to your will. You have to remember that you are in charge of your own destiny. I agree a lot on Satanic ideology. *Satanists are not evil. They don’t even worship Satan; that would be Luciferianism.* Their philosophy is that YOU are in control. There is none higher than you. I do believe in deity, while a majority of Satanists are atheistic, but some do believe in deity. Their insight revolves around personal power. Some of it is super-egotistical which is where I tend to disagree, but let’s be honest, all people writing about religion have an ego.

Here’s something I suggest to you, create a little altar for yourself. Put things up that make you happy and that bring you strength. I suggest a mirror for the center of your altar. Light a candle and say to yourself in the mirror that “YOU are the Flame” until you begin to feel your own strength. Stop waiting for things to happen. Cast a circle, play your favorite song and assert yourself to the mystical world. The spirits will be happy to meet someone who wants to walk beside them as equals rather than treating them like the all mighty. They’ve seen humble before and it’s boring. Beings from the Other-world take notice to those in the world who are confident and strong. Own your strength. It is a virtue.

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Snow Moon Feb 2017



I wanted to post on the different moons of the year before the full moon, but between work and quality times with friends I just didn’t get to it. However, It’s not too late! You can still take advantage of the full moon’s energy, because it resonates a couple of days before and after its bloom. You may not know, but each full moon of the month has its own name and represents it’s own thing. There are specific suggestions when it comes to moon magic for each moon.

February’s full moon is called the Snow Moon. It’s quite powerful this time around, because of the eclipse and comet going on at the same time. It’s also a Full Moon in Leo. I wanted to post some links about the Snow Moon of 2017. I hope you find them informative and help you get some ideas for some Saturday night magic. 🙂

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Cycles and Manifestation



Being an Earth focused religion, we tend to focus on the cycles of the seasons and the wheel of the year. This year, my goal is to be more organized and focused. With that being said, I am attempting to take advantage of the energies correlated with the seasons. Let’s start with some associations:

When you cast a circle, you always start East and move clockwise. Closing, you start North and the progress counter-clockwise. With that being said,

  • Air – Active energy, East, Dawn, Spring, Beginnings, The Manifestation of an Idea
  • Fire – Active energy, South, Noon, Summer, Action, The Will to Drive the Idea
  • Water – Receiving energy, West, Dusk, Autumn, Gestation of the Idea
  • Earth –  Receiving energy, North, Night, Winter, Birth/Rebirth The Physical Manifestation of the Idea/Foundation of the Idea

I’m sure you can see a pattern. For Witches, the New Year starts at Samhain (Halloween). We start in the dark months and progress into the light. Winter is always an introspective time for myself. It’s a time for me to think about what I want for myself and the year ahead. This Winter in particular has been painfully introspective on my part, but we get our revelations once we’ve looked inward.  With the correspondence of the seasons in mind, I am going to look at the seasons individually this year and set my goals according to the season.

For example, I have taken advantage of this winter (especially during the Mercury retrograde), because I know that it is a time to look inward. I have done two solid months of some serious analyzing, trying to figure out what works for me and what I want for myself. It’s been really painful, but I have pulled out some serious realizations. One of my goals this year is to start an Etsy shop for Pagan altar tools. I want to save money and sell them at different Midwestern Pagan festivals over the Summer/Fall. I haven’t really had any creativity this last month, because I’ve just been in a depression due to my introspection.

We’ve just passed Imbolc (Feb 2nd), the Midwinter mark! It tells us that Spring (March 20) is ahead! The warm months are coming! Fruition and fertility is on its way. If you’re from  the Midwest, you can agree that it has felt more like Spring than it has Winter. It was 62 degrees yesterday. Feeling the darkness passing has brought me ideas of what to make for my Pagan shop. I plan to start rolling out the clay these next few days and start making bulk products. Even though we are still in Winter, I feel the Manifestation of Spring. I feel the active energy to start making/creating.

Winter was the Foundation of the Idea for making an etsy shop. Spring is the time to make my items and have them ready for Summer. Summer will be the time for action; to go to my festivals and sell my products! Fall, a period of time to access what went well, what didn’t and what to make for next time.

The idea here, is to work on your project in phases; to give yourself a generous amount of time to get a project done. Think about something you want to work on and think about the representation of the seasons and how they can reflect on the process of your goal. Progress is slow. Things don’t happen over night. If you really want something, you have to takethe time to put your love into it. As a witch, I try to be actively attuned and conscious to the energies around me, taking them to their fullest advantage. The tools that I sell will be even more charged for it and more powerful for the buyer, because it was made with love and good intentions.

I hope that this gave you some ideas for the season ahead!

Blessed be!

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Pulling from Instinct


I think the best way to get started with magic  is to just follow your gut. We all draw from different things. As a visual person, I believe that pictures create energy. If you’re trying to work a spell and want to evoke a certain kind of energy, look at a picture that makes you feel a particular way and meditate on it. There is power in the little things.

Because I don’t have endless amounts of money or the room for a million different altars, I go on instagram and pinterest.  I’ll save pictures of altars that I like and save it to my pinterest board for later. They give me a certain feeling that I may be wanting to have at the time and I will print it off or look at the screen while I am practicing. It works just the same as having the actual items. I’d like to get frames and hang up my altar pictures around the house at some point, because they do create energy.

I like to surround myself with the things I like, because they give me comfort. My house definitely looks like a witch’s den. My different decorations resonate with my energy and give me power simply because I like them. Because I surround myself with the things that make me happy, there is a harmonic energy to my home. It radiates positive energy and makes my home super charged for my workings.

Listen to music that stirs you. It doesn’t have to be epic or ambient music. My favorite band just put out a new album 3 weeks ago *cough* The Blood Album ! It’s amazing! *cough*  It evokes deep emotion from me and I’ve casted circles just belting out to it and it was really effective. It’s not about what you use, it’s about what you’re putting out to the universe. One of my friends meditates whilst listening to The Misty Mountain’s Cold. It’s not about being formal and ceremonious, it’s about being true to you and your magic will be true.

Be in the moment and don’t overthink it! The more my third eye opens, the more attuned I am to my subconscious. I get little visions in the back of my head and I just go with it. Pay attention to what’s standing out to you. It can be a fictional piece, music, a picture,  a game. It’s about evoking energy that resonates with you. The things you like become a part of you, so why not take advantage of it?

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Who I am as a Witch.


With my past and present being out in the open. I should talk about who I am as a witch. My personal problem with alot of books, is that most books are written by 50 year old housewives who just want to spread “love and light”. One of my friends refers to them as “fluff bunnies.” I’m just going to throw it out there, I’m not a fluff bunny.

I am your typical alternative girl. I don’t want kids, have zero desire to ever get married, and frankly, I like to say Fuck A LOT. I’m not a healer, a kitchen witch, garden witch, etc. I take pride in the fact that I am selfish, because I have earned it! I’ve been through a lifetime of crap and I deserve to put myself first. My magic is my own. I’m not going to put effort into something I don’t have my heart in. My heart just isn’t in “peace, love and light”.

The reality is, I am drawn to darkness. Always have been. I am fueled by my rage. When I was starting to practice magic again after my hiatus, I was trying to do it by envisioning this positive, white light. I didn’t feel anything.  Once I said fuck it and started to channel my own anger, I actually felt my energy and had confidence in my abilities. Just because anger is considered negative, doesn’t mean that it has to be used to harm. It’s just another form of energy. Not everyone draws power from peace and love. 

With that being said, I am not a “white witch”. At this point in time, I don’t really have a niche. Some people are clairvoyant, mediums, house witches, healers, astral projectors. I don’t really have any of those skills right now. I’m not saying that I won’t be able to do some of those things in the future, but it’s just not me. What I can say is since my Spiritual Rebirth, I felt a pull towards the Horned God. For a while, I felt as though it was Cernunnos, but over the last half year it has been revealed that it is Hades that has been calling to me.

I feel that I am more connected to the Underworld, which makes a lot of sense. I have spent my life in various shades of darkness and symbolically have faced Death over and over. The thing about transformation is that Death and Life are natural parts of it. You can’t be the same person the rest of your life. Pieces of you have to die in order to become anew. Hades and I communicate through my dreams on and off. Psychically we are bonded. I also use my tarot as a communication tool for us. I know that overtime, I will gain hidden knowledge and a deeper relationship with him, but for now, I’m working on self transformation and letting the universe feed me information as I go. You can’t become a master overnight.

Being a Grey or Dark Witch doesn’t make you evil or ugly. It’s acknowledging that in order to have the light, you must go through the dark. The fear of the Underworld and Hades has been demonized through Christianity. We fear Death, because Western society tells us in order to have worth, we  must be young and beautiful. The Crone may no longer have youth or beauty, but she has  ancient Wisdom throughout the ages.

The more we deny who we are, the weaker our connection is to ourselves and our spirit. I can say with confidence that as I experience my own personal growth, the stronger my bond is to my magic and the spiritual world around me. I chose to embrace my darkness and it has brought me strength. I’m sure all of this is thought of as taboo, even to a lot of Wiccans I know, but that’s okay. It doesn’t really matter how others feels, because I am being true to myself. That’s all that really matters.


With that being said, if you guys have any thing relative to this, please feel free to share links or books suggestions in the comments! My goal is to share information and to help you grow and much as I want to help myself grow.


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