New Moon and the Vernal Equinox


I believe that everything happens for a reason. Ostara ritual was supposed to be last Wednesday, but half of our circle was sick so we postponed it to next Wednesday. It was perfect, because I could not find pomegranates to use for ritual and was kind of stuck on what to do. With Venus being in retrograde, I’ve found that there has been friction with people I consider close and so in order to deal with some of my frustrations, I’ve been writing a lot of my feelings down. I have to express myself, but I don’t start a fight over something that could be a temporary issue. So I just write and write until I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my chest.

As I was trying to get to sleep last night and it occurred to me what would be a better representation of darkness: written letters. The goal for Yule was to embrace the darkness and to face negative aspects of yourself. So the plan is for the group to write down their hurt relationships, broken dreams, bad habits or emotions, etc; what they have faced in their own darkness and to burn it, to let represent the Underworld’s last hold on Persephone. It’ll be a nice purging ritual to embrace the new start of Spring.

It is perfect timing because Monday is the New Moon. It has the same energy of the Vernal equinox. For those of you who have already celebrated Ostara, I encourage you to write down and burn the pains of last year under the New Moon. New Moon’s are always a great time to start something new and letting go of the past. This New Moon is signficant, because it is exiting out of Pisces and entering into Aries, a new astrological year. For those of you who do not know, Pisces is the 12th sign of Western astrology and it moves on to Aries, the first sign. Burning is a perfect activity since Aries is a cardinal fire sign.

The start of the Wheel of the Year is slow and starts in darkness, now is the time where the fire inside of us starts to burn a little brighter and things start to pick up. It is the perfect time of the year to let go of our old selves and shed our skin. Even taking a new moon bath, and blessing it with Serpent energy to symbolically and magically shed your skin is a great activity. Light a candle to activate Aries’ active energy!

Here are some links on the New Moon and Aries:

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Image Source: link (The Raven’s Prophecy Tarot, The Sun)


Venus Retrograde

I view Astrology in the same way I do tarot. It is suggestion of one possible future.  It is a guide for your daily life telling you what energies are active at certain times. By being aware of the energies around you, you can make informed choices and have a better understanding of yourself. I don’t follow daily horoscopes,  because it’s never going to be spot on unless you subscribe to get daily readings following your full birthchart. I like to listen to monthly forecasts for my birth sign and then will listen to it at the end of the month and compare.

Something always to take note of are the retrograde and the moon cycle activity.  They’re always going to be the big players for magic. Their energies impact us greatly. Right now we are seeing the Venus Retrograde (March 5 – April 15), which is somewhat rare, every 2 years.   It effects our heart chakra  and our gut. It fixes our heart blockage and opens us to deeper love. It’s suggested to wear colors and crystals associated with the heart chakra.

One link I’m going to share says to listen to our gut, our bodies wisdom. It’s  funny, my intuition has been pulling me towards the color pink of late. I haven’t been able to get rose quartz off of the back of my mind. Rose quartz is a major association to the heart chakra.  My body is aware of the retrograde and telling me what it needs to help heal itself.  I have been instinctively keeping pink around me.

I haven’t had the negative experiences warned by various readings. Rather I’ve found that my heart chakra had opened. It is also my birth month, which may be apart of the effect. I’m going to share some great links for you guys to read up on and keep you mindful of Venus’s effects.

Intuitive Venus, suggestions on 2017 Venus retrograde and listening to your gut

Cafe Astrology Venus Retrograde, generalized information on Venus Retrograde

Surrender: Venus Retrograde, on why we have Venus retrograde and how to take advantage

Rose Quartz, information on how to incorporate Rose quartz into your home and it’s healing properties

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Ostara and Persephone


Ostara is one of the eight sabbats of the Pagan Wheel of the Year. It is the midpoint where the length of night and day are equal, but light prevails on. It is a time when we start to see hints of spring and bloomage. Ostara has some crossover into Beltane. Beltane is the full acknowledgement of spring. In Celtic tradition, it is when the Horned God and the Goddess consummate. Beltane is mostly focused on the Great Rite (sex). The Christian Easter has stolen much of Ostara and it’s original traditions, such as the symbolism of rabbits, eggs, amongst much else. There are many ways to celebrate Ostara, such as spring cleaning, egg dying, planting seeds, even taking walks outside noticing the hints of warmth and life coming back into the Earth.

I really don’t identify with the Celtic tradition, which is what most Wiccans tend to focus on. Over the course of the last two years, my focus has been on Hades and Persephone, particularly since last year’s Ostara. Last year, my Den Mother did a ritual on the transformation of the Crone into the Maiden (winter into spring). She identifies with the Crone aspect of the Triple Goddess. She actually invokes the Old Crone from time to time. She and I are a lot alike in many ways and she asked me to represent Persephone in last year’s Ostara.

One of the versions of Persephone is that Hecate offered to go to the Underworld for Demeter to talk to Hades. When she went to Tartarus, she became a guide and a counselor for Persephone to aid in her transition to becoming Queen of the Underworld.  When Hecate found Persephone, she was expecting her to be bitter and angry, but was surprised to find that Persephone made Tartarus her home and had compassion for the souls that tread there.  When it came time for her release, Hecate took her hand and guided her to the outside. Spring began. In the ritual last year, everyone was cloaked, I invoking Persephone’s energy, “lifted the veil” off of them should they accept.

When I write rituals, I’m not really into writing things lightheartedly. I’m not really a lighthearted person. The last ritual I wrote for was Yule and I decided to write about embracing your darkness. It was right before the Mercury retrograde and with winter vacation coming up, I had personal introspection to go through and I thought that Yule, being a time of winter and dark, would be appropriate. I won’t write much about Carl Jung’s Shadow work, but I will say that the idea of Shadow work is to embrace your darkness to understand and accept yourself. In order to find real inner truth, you must delve deep into yourself and face parts of yourself that you don’t like or fear. My personal interaction with Hades started right before then, so I used pomegranate seeds to symbolize choosing to accept your darkness. I don’t believe that Persephone was tricked into eating them. She loved Hades and chose to eat them so she could remain the Underworld.

I wanted the theme of exiting the darkness and Persephone to go into Ostara. I found an amazing idea on a book about Ostara. It said to toss dried pomegranate seeds into a bowl and light them with matches as symbolism of Persephone’s imprisonment. You are burning away the last hold the Underworld has on her. After ritual, you may take the ashes and bury them into the ground to return to the Underworld. My idea is to do the activity, but to release yourself from darkness. Persephone is a dark goddess, but she is also a radiant, fertility Goddess. I believe in the light half of the year she may briefly visit Underworld from time to time, but it is her place to be with the living for one half of the year. She has one foot in the Underworld and the other with the living. Something that I personally identify with.

Last ritual, I told them to embrace the darkness, but this ritual, I am telling them to embrace the light. Without both there is no balance. Hades loves Persephone for her radiance. If she remains forever in his realm, she cannot truly be Persephone. I have more to think on and to write for ritual, but I at least have the rough idea of what I want to do. I love that it is full circle and continues with last year’s Ostara. I plan to write more about Persephone, but that is for another time. I hope that this gives you some ideas for your personal rituals.

Blessed be

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Ritual resource: Ostara by Edain McCoy, Google book link



Light and Dark


Sorry I have not wrote in 10 days. Last time I posted was the day before my birthday (March 1st) and a lot has happened since. This last week has been my spring break and it has been eventful to say the least.

I went into my home town last Saturday for my birthday party. All of my friends were there. It was a great time. We went back to my bf’s family house to stay the night, because the next day his sister was having her baby shower. I was really excited for the baby shower. His sister and her fiance went ahead and got married soon after they found out about the pregnancy, so it’s been an exciting time for them. We got them a pretty baller shower gift and I had been excited for weeks for her to open it. However, when I woke up the next day, one of my best friend’s who had came to the party called me with terrible news. She told me that her boyfriend died last night. She was right there with him when in happened. They did all that they could. He was only 24. They don’t know for sure what happened yet, but they think that it’s meningitis.

The funeral was Thursday. My boyfriend went to school with him. We hung out quite a bit with them over last year and saw him at various parties. Richard  really wasn’t a partier. He always sat quietly at the one of the tables watching us act like idiots. I remember right before they started dating, she threw a Halloween party and he was our fire guy who kepts the bonfire going all night.            Last summer, the four of us binged watched Stranger Things while Courtney was doing my hair. I had already seen the whole thing, so it was really entertaining to watch them all interact to it. Richard always noticed really random details. The show is supposed to be set in the 80’s. Richard would notice if a certain type of light was out of place that wouldn’t have been around back then. Or would notice the sound of a car and make a comment that it wasn’t from the 80’s.

Early Autumn, he shown me the crazy arena/corpse conveyor belt/corpse rocket he made in Fall Out 4. In the DLC, you got a big island that you could build on. He had created this fighting arena that would drop the bodies on to this conveyor belt that would move into this cannon and then you would shoot the corpse into the ocean so the bodies wouldn’t pile up on the island. It was hilarious and Richard was really proud of it. It was so funny to listen to him talk about it. God knows how much time the spent into building the whole thing.           The last conversation I had with him was about my friend. I was asking him what reminded him of her. He thought that “a honey badger was like her, because she can be vicious sometimes”. I had a good laugh over that. “She reminds him of spring.” I’m glad that my last conversation with him was endearing.

After the funeral, we spent some time with my boyfriend’s mom that night.  She said that his sister’s mucus plug came out so we knew that she was going to have her baby any day. We waited for an hour just to see if we needed to stay for the baby to come, but we went ahead and went home (40 minutes away). The next day, I get a snapchat from his mom midday saying that they were checking her in at the hospital. Once I got off my shift at 10 we headed straight there. It was exciting waiting with all of the family. I consider them all to be my family as well. Around midnight she was born. We didn’t get to hold her yet, but we did see her. She was so cute and just didn’t know what on Earth was going on.

Richard’s death was truly sudden and so random and unexpected. He was only 24. It really puts your own life in to perspective. You could wake up feeling perfectly fine one morning and the next morning you’re gone. It could happen to anyone. My woes can’t even compare to what my friend is dealing with. Earlier this year, I was casually contemplating the idea of suicide. I was  unhappy and just felt a deep seeded depression, but I’ve been able to overcome it of late. His death and the baby being born has really sobered be up from any suicidal thoughts to say the least.

I know this isn’t a spiritual post, but the mundane world effects our spiritual experiences. It is one in the same. I experienced life and death this week. Before that I just had my birthday, turning 26, realizing I am creeping in to my middle age. Mortality has been on my mind since the 1st of March. With Ostara is coming up here in eleven days, I want to write a ritual reflecting my experiences from this month. Ostara is the equinox, having a balance of light and dark, moving in to the light. It’s about crossing over from death and experiencing rebirth. If you guys have any activites suggestions for Ostara, I’m happy to hear them. I’m writing it for my pagan den. Thanks for reading my blog and I’m sorry for the absence.



Image source: link (Death Tarot card, Revelations Tarot by Zach Wong. Another tarot deck I own)



Astral Prana


So, I’m going to talk about something a little controversial, but this is a spiritual, not religious blog; so it is going to be a controversial if you aren’t open minded.

The definition of Astral

  • relating to a supposed nonphysical realm of existence to which various psychic and paranormal phenomena are ascribed, and in which the physical human body is said to have a counterpart.



I was in the bathroom and I started looking at the reflection I made through it. The handle looked psychedelic from further a way, but the closer I looked into it, the clearer and more pronounced it got, as though framing myself. The edges that hold it together, looking more distorted as the image of myself warped in a disc shape, my image hugging the edges of the knob as I leaned closer to it. As I was looking into this knob and noticing the distorted image of myself, it reminded me of my constant quest for the Truths of the Universe.  The closer I looked into that image, the more clarity I got. Yet what reveals itself to me is still yet warped and flipped.

I’ve said that I am finding a connection with Hades, my deity. I mean, creating a personal connection. At night as I sleep, I feel that I am astrally projecting myself into his world. It started with him projecting into my dreams: When I got into my spirituality again, I started to have dreams of “The Horned God”. I became very conscious of his awareness. The dreams started two years ago. I felt that he was chasing me at first, with my gut reaction to run, but I realized that he wasn’t evil. When I opened myself to it, to let him communicate with me it felt that he was more cautious about it, as though he was hesitant to reveal himself.

As I have dreamt of him on and off the last 6 months, I noticed correlations between the story of the Wheel of the Year and the seasons they represent. Different rituals I had over the course of last year, I noticed symbols that told to me truth. Through daily life, I noticed different animal and color symbols and became conscious of spirit animals.  I am at the point, where we are both consciously aware of each other back and forth and we are starting to interact through dreams more frequently, than long month at a time. My first set of dreams seemed to come at 3 to 6 month spans. Now the dreams are coming at weeks at a time.

I’m to the point now, where I am trying to learn true Astral Projection. I am becoming spiritually conscious in the dream world.  Part of it is with His help, of Him reaching over into my dreams and interacting through them. Another part is, I personally have a Magical Teacher (I’m not going to tell names for privacy’s sake, so let’s call her my Den Mother). She can Astral Project, Work Energy, do Past Life Regressions, and Invoke Deity among many other things. She is not a fraud or a haux. She really CAN do these things. I have personally seen it myself. I never believed those things were truly possible, but I have eye-witnessed it. No matter who you are and what religion you come from, you would believe her yourself if you saw her at our holiday rituals.

My magical background has came from people who are Shamanic. They are in tune with their energy, like prana or chi. It’s something I have  not been able to do up until my Den Mother, because I just couldn’t feel it. When we did guided meditations at rituals or classes I didn’t feel like I was really there. It was like looking through a mirror of a scene of me, but I wasn’t there. She did an energy test on me and we discovered that my energy/magical sense is through Touch. She also discovered that my personal element is through Earth, so I am a more physically dominant person.  Which made sense after discovery!

I have always said for a long time that I physically feel my soul, just as though it’s right inside of my bones. When I feel my emotions, they have physical feelings to them. I feel physically connected to things. So when I tried to make an energy ball, by just visualizing it in my head, that’s what it was. Like a third eye “hologram”. I didn’t feel ball, but I could see it. If that makes any sense. So when I thought about how a ball felt in my hands and focused on how the ball felt, I began to feel the ball. It was like turning on a light switch. I felt my physical energy and I could feel myself becoming physically closer to the astral side.

Becoming conscious of my astral connection with Hades and my sessions with my den mother have made me gain more control of my astral body. I am trying to be able to cross over into His world. I do feel during the waking hours his presence with me, some days stronger than others. His daily conscious came about a month ago, when I finally dreamed of us in unity. I’ve had five dreams since then. That’s a lot considering the first year was three dreams total. The last astral dream I had was two nights ago. Before I went to sleep, I tried to be conscious of my astral body and I grabbed onto Hades’s hands as I drifted off into slumber. That dream, I wasn’t really astrally conscious, but I felt that I had met one of my spirit guardians that will teach me more in the Underworld. When I woke, I realized it wasn’t a mundane or fantasy dream, it was my astral connection.

That dream has been my last experience with it. I’m experimenting to see how to gain further control of it, but it’s not something you do over night but with practice I will get there.  It really is like that warped reflection of the door knob, I work my way closer and the distortion of reality fades.

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