Embracing the Queen

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Now that I have made it past a quarter of my life, I have noticed a lot of change in my life. Relationships, behaviors, thoughts and styles I have out grown. I have really come of age. I think no matter what generation you are in, reaching your middle twenties is a really awkward phase to be in. It’s just silently awkward, because before in your teen’s you got to experience and share it with other’s around your age. At 26, I have since outgrown childhood relationships and those I was close to, have grown distant because our lives went separate paths. My social circles have greatly shrunk since I was in my teens.

It feels even more awkward for me as a woman in her mid-to-late 20’s that hasn’t had a kid or gotten married at 18 (or both). I used to be someone who spent her time in the company of friends who were 7 to 20 year’s older who also didn’t have kids.  But now I am becoming friends with other women who are experiencing their coming of age and having children, so it’s become a real eye opener. It has really made me conscious of other prerogatives as a woman. Often as a kid, I always felt that Crone energy surrounding me (being the older people and interests I had), but also the maiden energy as I was growing from within. But now I feel a shift in energies now that I am in the next quarter of my life. I no longer feel that I am the Maiden nor the Crone, but I feel that I am now experiencing The Mother.

It’s conflicting for me, as someone who has never wanted kids to enter The Mother or “Woman” aspect of my life. I’m not a girl anymore, I have fought my own battles for a long time so I have earned the right to call myself a woman.  However, I don’t want children which makes me feel like I don’t qualify to be The Mother, which makes me feel like I am not a Woman. On top of that, society adds a stigma against getting older or embracing femininity because that equals embracing sexuality.

We have been brainwashed from birth that we are inferior. We are raised to tear each other apart, to hate each other, to hate ourselves.  Because society makes you feel like you have to defend yourself for being a girl, to prove that you aren’t a slut or that you’re not to confident or too successful. Calling yourself a woman means to take pride in yourself as an independent woman. So here’s what I propose:

I am owning being The Mother by modernizing it and calling it The Queen. A Queen can follow any path she chooses. She can rule the world and, if she chooses to do so, raise children at the same time. She commands respect and loyalty. She upholds her own values and knows  her own strengths. She chooses to walk the beat of her own drum. I have earned my title of Queen. I have fought my own battles and will rule what I have built. It’s time to update the Triple Goddesses to be The Maiden, The Queen and the Crone.